TRANSLATION SOON – President of the Patent Office of the Republic od Poland in 1989, spoke about his work.

Do we care about the creators of inventions?

From 1989 to 2002, the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland was headed by Ph.D. Eng. Wiesław KOTARBA, who initiated significant changes introduced into the Polish legal system. In 1989, he declared his intention to move away from a command-and-control system and even emphasized the need to support innovation, stating: “I would like the creative thinking and solutions to become commodities.”

The result of the changes introduced at that time led to exactly the opposite outcomes than those officially declared. This occurred, among other things, due to the introduction of vaguely defined and non-substantiated concepts by the legislator (in abstracta), unfortunately lacking any legal premises to facilitate the practical application of principles to specific cases (in concreto). For instance, the concept of “fair proportion” remuneration for the inventor in the event of a dispute requires an assessment of the proper application of this principle (it is worth not avoiding the colloquialism such as “after careful consideration”.

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