The registration right regarding a 3D shape trade mark in the form of a delicje biscuit R-116211 has been invalidated

The Supreme Administrative Court’s (NSA) judgment dismissed the cassation appeal against the judgment of the Voivodeship Administrative Court. NSA also confirmed that the delicje biscuit cannot be protected as a 3D shape trade mark. The disputed trade mark, which is a faithful reproduction of a biscuit, serves to designate only these biscuits, as in fact it could not serve to designate other goods and types of confectionery bakery products. The exclusion of the registration of such trademarks as reproductions of the biscuit in question in its full form, shape and colours reflects the legal objective that individuals may not use the registration of a mark to obtain or renew exclusive rights in technical solutions.

It is only a pity that the NSA judgment was not handed down sooner, as a huge mess has been created in the market. Several enterprises were banned from producing delicje biscuits because of the registration of the trade mark R.116211. Some of these enterprises did not stand up to the experiment of checking whether the judges of common courts in Poland have sufficient knowledge of intellectual property law.

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